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In Railgrade…

Effortless Track & Train Buildng

Smooth flow and no complex route configuration ensure you'll get into a groove building your rail network.

Connect Industrial Chains

You will Connect, Construct, & Upgrade complex industrial chains. Ensure your region’s cities have food & necessities, then meet their desires to unlock higher tier industry. Or just export your industrial output for extra cash.

Pack the map with Trains

Use more trains than ever before thanks to track centric routing. Traditional manual routing with branched tracks lead to deadlocks and lost trains. Railgrade's branch-less convoyer-like rail lines unlocks the potential for more trains in tighter areas than any other train game.

Master Challenging Terrain

Overcome impactful Terrain by building up, down, and around rough terrain. Each region brings new challenges, from canyons to mountains.

Enjoy the Story Campaign

Experience Railgrade’s Campaign Mode as you employer, Nakatani Chemical, exploits the planet’s resources. Please just be careful of the rebels who have different plans for the planet’s regions.

Relax with Standalone Scenarios

Freelance Scenarios bring their own self contained stories and challenges. Scenarios may challenge you to build in tight limited maps, or go overboard in large sandbox regions.

Craft & Share Custom Scenarios

Express your creativity in Railgrade's included Scenario Editor, then share your maps online. Write complex stories or craft new challenges.

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You are Nakatani Chemicals’ Division of Planetary Development's newest rail engineer! Manage an ever complex network of railroads and industries. Leverage Ishimura's deep inter-corporate relationships to ship your region's cargo offworld.

Nakatani's excuitives expect a self sufficeint operation. Balance the finances as you expand to achive your mission goals.

Along the way you will grow cities into metropolises and construct vast industrial chains. Make your regions prosper!

Just please be cautious of rebel activity and their revolutionary propoganda. Nakatani Chemicals cannot be held resposible for any ransom demands. Please note democracy is a priviliage of Earth Citizens, only shareholders may vote in relation to Nakatani owned assets.

Industry & Cities

What industries require which cargo in Railgrade leads to complex challenges. Players have several options for what to do with any Cargo types. Mid tier cargo can be used to expand cities, or export for more money. High tier cargo can be sold for great profit, or feed to cities to unlock the final stages of progress.

Players must balance cashflow generation versus expanding cities to produce more goods. Cities produce the vital Workers which make all Industrial buildings function, while meeting the basic needs of a city such as Salt, Water, Energy, and Food. Meanwhile as regions progress in industrial complexity players will want to start using those same Energy and Water cargo in Industrial buildings. Players must balance expanding into higher tier Industrials while expanding the supply of their cities basic needs. Constructing new Primary Resources requires substantial cash reserves. Thus cash flow generation and city progression are both vital methanics in Railgrade.

Exporting cargo generates the most cash, yet means said cargo skips feeding cities. Each map is different, players may wish to export Oil while generating their cities Energy needs using Ore and thus Coal. Or players might choose to refine the Oil into Gasoline paired with a Vehicle plant to unlock the mid tier city levels. Once supplied with Gasoline the mid-tier cities can generating substantial cash from the demand for Vehicles. The choices and tactics are endless in Railgrade.

Network driven railroads

Railgrade is all about networked railroads and pushing into extreme volumes of rail traffic. Railgrade's network method for rail management smoother flow of trains than route-based railroad management. Thus expect to use and manage more trains in Railgrade than any other railroad tycoon game. Networked railroads means players manage the flow of cargo purely through the natural flow of trains. Cargo can be transfered between stations, but trains always run on the same rail line. Thus rail lines in Railgrade can carry many more trains without traffic jams compared to routing based train management. Think of trains & track in Railgrade as the conveyor belts in other industry optimization games such as Factorio.

Vertical and Rough Terrain

The terrain in Railgrade is rough and tough. Building railroads through canyons or around mountains will be vital to connecting every industry. The terrain itself is a challenge with Railgrade's focus on vertical levels. Adjust your tactics to match & fit within the challenging terrain.

Handcrafted Campaign + Dozens of Freelance Scenarios

Nakatani Chemicals may own your employeement contract, and they may own the entire planet. Yet Nakatani cannot own your soul or the souls of those workers living in the cities you manage. Play through a story driven campaign filled with Handcrafted scenarios as Nakatani Chemicals develops a planet worth of industry, or as the Rebels would have it, a free and democratic nation's early challenges.

Or Freelance in any of the dozens of freeplay scenarios. Some Freelance scenarios will bring their own story lines, while others might be challenge maps. Yet other scenarios may give you the reigns to go crazy developing massive maps with no fixed end goal.

Scenario & Map Maker Included

Railgrade ships with the same scenario maker we use to develop all built-in scenarios and maps. Players can make & share unlimited new scenarios. Write complex stories or craft new challenges. Our goal is to give players the tools to keep Railgrade interesting forever.

Long term we hope to provide a central server for easy scenario sharing.

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