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In Railgrade…

Effortless Track & Train Buildng

Smooth flow and no complex route configuration ensure you’ll get into a groove building your rail network.

Connect Industrial Chains

You will Connect, Construct, & Upgrade complex industrial chains. Ensure your region’s cities have food & necessities, then meet their desires to unlock higher tier industry. Or just export your industrial output for extra cash.

Pack the map with Trains

Use more trains than ever before thanks to track centric routing. Traditional manual routing with branched tracks lead to deadlocks and lost trains. Railgrade’s branch-less convoyer-like rail lines unlocks the potential for more trains in tighter areas than any other train game.

Master Challenging Terrain

Overcome impactful Terrain by building up, down, and around rough terrain. Each region brings new challenges, from canyons to mountains.

Enjoy the Story Campaign

Experience Railgrade’s Campaign Mode as you employer, Nakatani Chemical, exploits the planet’s resources. Please just be careful of the rebels who have different plans for the planet’s regions.

Relax with Standalone Scenarios

Freelance Scenarios bring their own self contained stories and challenges. Scenarios may challenge you to build in tight limited maps, or go overboard in large sandbox regions.

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