Patch Notes: [PC & SWITCH]


  • Add optional modifiers for NoGhosting, NoTimer, Endless Mode, Millionaire Mode
  • Add new action for toggling all trains branch preference at once
  • Show future quest stages even before availability


  • Add four new optional regions: M3 Bonus, M4 Bonus 2, M6 Bonus, M27 Bonus D
  • In “Uphill Both Ways”: Rework terrain for more challenging industry connection
  • In “Bottleneck”: Add lake around Zeppelin Dock.
  • In “Runaway Train”: Allow pathviz.  Redesign some routes to improve readability
  • Remove unusable steam vents from several missions


  • Always show cargo names for train cars on selected train
  • Hide action bar during track, train, and industry placement to prevent misclicks [PC]
  • Add setting to control UI scale
  • Add setting to disable nighttime


  • Reduce hitbox on ActionBar entities to reduce misclicks
  • Reduce strength of hover outline
  • Hide resource connection lines to covered resource nodes
  • Split key binding settings into related subcategories [PC]
  • Reduce brightness of resource connection lines when dense
  • Remove flicker of resource connection lines during cursor movement
  • Organize freight cards shown on industry hover by inputs and outputs and show how much storage capacity is used.
  • Add ability to view train engine descriptions and stats in train configure view
  • Reduce possible flicker in loan hint message
  • Brighten Switch icon [SWITCH]
  • Show active modifiers on pause menu
  • Show active modifiers on victory screen
  • Show industry’s catalyst on industry select menu
  • Show clickable screenshot notification when screenshot taken [PC]


  • Rename Goods to Appliances to avoid player confusion on M4
  • Fix add hint for Spark engine being in voucher exchange after M16


  • Make victory timer round in favor of the player
  • Reduce chances of accidental loop deletion by limiting salvage tool length
  • Make using Waste as a catalyst free
  • Add gameplay option to disable industry salvage confirmation
  • Double zoomed out movement speed on Switch [SWITCH]
  • Smoother camera movements and rotations
  • Photomode now places screenshots into “Documents/My Games/RAILGRADE” folder instead of pictures folder
  • Industry salvage refund will take upgrade level into account
  • Import docks now charge the cost of the freight it imports when picked up
  • Add distance limit to Rail Salvage tool and allow drag to switchback at branches  


  • Make Steamer Mode skip only ContentID registered music
  • Make audio volume settings logarithmic
  • Reduce volume of action bar entry shifting sfx
  • Randomize starting music on region load
  • Double precision of audio volume settings


  • Fix hover dot not disappearing in photo mode on switch
  • Fix mouse back action not recognized on credits screen
  • Fix stopped trains not reacting visually to rail modifications underneath
  • Add icons for multiple rebindable key choices [PC]
  • Fix cursor UI sometimes rendering behind world UI elements
  • Fix inconsistent track and station salvage values in some situations
  • Fix Bank and Voucher hotkeys sometimes selecting an overhead train
  • Fix trains sometimes not highlighting if traveling by stationary player cursor
  • Fix third rocket launch in M27 Bonus A (Trinity) not triggering population growth
  • Fix money spend popups not appearing on the first build action on a mission
  • Fix occasional audio cutoff on industry upgrade sound when exiting details panel
  • Fix tutorials reappearing on reload of save
  • Fix various typos in English
  • Fix mistranslation in polish where TV Factory was called Pipe Factory
  • Fix camera jitter when orbiting at low angles
  • Fix frame of stretched main menu during rapid scrolling
  • Fix bank deposit audio sometimes not playing
  • Fix D Rank overwriting any higher achieved ranks

Crash Fixes

  • Fix crash when train spawned over specific junction configuration
  • Fix rare crash on map close caused by use-after invalidation
  • Fix crash in track placement under specific track configuration
  • Fix rare crash when entering train configure near an autobranch.

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