Pre-Purchase RAILGRADE On PC & Switch Today!

Pre-Purchase RAILGRADE On PC & Switch Today!

Set your timetables for September 29th, Administrator. RAILGRADE is now available for Pre-Purchase on PC via the Epic Games Store and on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop!

Do you prefer to monitor your complex, planet-saving industrial networks from the comfort of your desktop? Well then, head on over to the Epic Games Store to Pre-Purchase.

Perhaps you’d rather revitalize the fortunes of an entire colony on Switch while you, like the trains you’ll administrate, are on the move? Then you should check out the Nintendo eShop to Pre-Purchase.

After all, much like a train, you’ll want to pull into the platform that’s best for you!

Stay tuned here for more blogs and follow our Twitter for exciting updates on the road to launch. Finally, you can also join our Discord to start chatting with the community!

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