RAILGRADE is Out Now on PC & Nintendo Switch

RAILGRADE is Out Now on PC & Nintendo Switch

The time has come, Administrator!

RAILGRADE is here! Will you master the power of tracks, trains and industrial chains to bring prosperity to our off-world colony? We certainly hope so, our quarterly resource efficiency reports are depending on it. Balance resources, industries and rail networks to provide financial stability for an entire planet.


The game is available right now, with 10% off until October 6th! PC players can grab RAILGRADE over on the Epic Games Store. Switch players can get their copy of RAILGRADE via the Nintendo eShop.

Want to know more about the game? Check out our developer blogs straight from the Minakata Dynamics team.

Whether you’re looking for a management-based sim or a casual train set experience, RAILGRADE has you covered.

We are so excited to see what wondrous, complex railways you’ll create, so don’t forget to share your creations with us over on our Twitter.

You can also join our community on Discord to chat about how you’re planning on saving a planet’s economy through trains.

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