RAILGRADE is Pulling into PC and Switch on September 29th!

RAILGRADE is Pulling into PC and Switch on September 29th!

The release date for RAILGRADE on both PC and Nintendo Switch has been revealed and we’re laying track towards that date: September 29th. Soon, you’ll be able to fill the landscape of a distant planet with as much track, trains and industry as you need to save a global economy. Not all heroes wear capes, administrator. Some heroes oversee and curate a complex network of industry chains and rolling stock. 

You may be wondering just how saving a planet using trains is possible. Well, we’ve got a gameplay walkthrough prepared for you! Daniel, the game’s Lead Game Designer, will show you how to rejuvenate an off-world colony using trains as automated industry.


RAILGRADE will be available to PC players via the Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo eShop. So, the choice of building the biggest industrial train network you can from home or on the go – is entirely up to you.

You can get RAILGRADE when it arrives on September 29th, for $19.99! Make sure you Wishlist the game in the Epic Games Store for PC or on the Nintendo eShop for Switch! 

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